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Tuesday 1 July: Equal Temperament

A documentary about the Peckham Chamber Orchestra

Tuesday 1 July – 9:30pm – Free – Peckham Liberal Club

 A public screening of the new documentary Equal Temperament with the Peckham Chamber Orchestra, a community orchestra with the aim of uniting people of all ages, backgrounds and musical abilities. The film traces the working practice of the orchestra, during rehearsals and a public concert at the Peckham Liberal Club, and offers the model of the orchestra as a metaphor for collective action.

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Saturday 24 May – Surabhi Sharma: Bidesia in Bambai


A portrait of a city and a migrant community through music, the film will be followed by an open discussion between the director and Nicole Wolf, writer and researcher of political cinema based at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Book tickets – Saturday 24 May – 7pm – £3

Bidesia is Bhojpuri for ‘the one who leaves home’. One in four migrants in Mumbai is Bhojpuri, a person from the north Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Bambai is their name for Mumbai/Bombay.

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Friday 23 May – Man on a Mission


A screening of Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars (83min, 2010) directed by Mike Wolf with an introduction by Julia Tcharfas.

Book Tickets – Friday 23 May – 7pm – £3

The 2010 documentary, Man on a Mission follows Richards Garriott, a video game developer, on his journey to the International Space Station. Richard Garriott, who is also known as Lord British is one of the pioneers of private space travel, and the latest client of Space Adventures, whose ticket to the space station cost $30,000,000. The film documents his one of a kind mission with original footage shot during the year of training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, the take off and landing in the Soyuz spacecraft, and the eleven days spent aboard the ISS.

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Thursday 22 May – One Hundred Days after childhood

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.39.17-2

‘It was a place where you felt cast adrift… I think it’s so important that children have time for the development of their soul-life – which just doesn’t happen any more – time without worrying about achieving things, worrying about making money, just time to feel free.’

Sergei Solovyov, London 2009

Book Tickets – Thursday 22 May – 7pm – £3

The first public screening of a new translation of this film, largely unknown to English speaking audiences.

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Wednesday 21 May – Exiled Communities: Mark Boulos’s ‘No Permanent Address’


Image courtesy Mark Boulos

A special three screen installation at Cinema6 of Mark Boulos’s ‘No Permanent Address’.

Book Tickets – Wednesday 21 May – 7pm -£3

From alternative communes of the 60s to Kibbutzim, there have been attempts throughout the century to resist the dissolution of community wrought by modernity. This week’s session will look at one such example of communities existing outside of modern society.

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