Friday 2 May – The Time Is Now Ready For Delivery (Orgasmos)


Lauren Godfrey: Splodge and Drag Salad (still)

Book Tickets  – Friday 2 May – &pm – £3

An Evening of artists’ video on the big screen featuring work from Fanny Aboulker, Alex Brenchley, Connie Butler, Jesse Darling and Hannah Black, Lauren Godfrey, Hana Janeckova, Justine Melford-Colegate, George Rae, Anna Reading, Robert Rivers and Sean Boylan, Jasmine Robinson, Eugenie Scrase, Sophia Starling, Annie Strachan, Mary Vetisse, Holly White.

The Time Is Now Ready For Delivery (Orgasmos) presents a selection of single-screen videos from 16 artists asked to translate the materiality of their practice into temporality. Initially invited to consider the notion of Orgasm as a moment where matter and energy create a time-based phenomenon, the artists’ works raise questions of honesty, physicality, objecthood, patriarchy and the personal/political dichotomy. All the artists work with an investigatory approach to physical encounters, transgressing the boundaries of painting, sculpture and new-media. Advocating multidisciplinary practices, the screening celebrates the translation of media, asking for images to come out of the wall, items to go onto the screen and projections to become objects.


Anna Reading is an Artist working in South London