Sunday 18 May – Screen Shadows Present: Films by Maha Maamoun and the Mosireen Collective

600px_screen-shot-2014-05-08-at-16-48-20Imaging a Revolutionary Community – Screening and open discussion on cultures of filmmaking and display, coming out of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Book Tickets – Sunday 18 May – 2pm – £3

The hyper-mediatised occupation of Tahrir Square is much discussed and the visual culture of it well understood. However, three years on, the aspirations of the revolution are seemingly abandoned, and the revolutionary public that filled the square has retreated from visibility. In this context how is it possible to maintain an empathetic relationship to that recent history? And how can we see it afresh?

Event Outline

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Friday 16 May – An Evening with Čaroděj OZ: Wizardly Films for the People

Easy Rider OZ 1Sny toaletarovi

Screening with Performance by Mathew Cunningham. Organised by Hana Janeckova as part of Three Experiments in Translation

Book Tickets – Friday 16 May – 7pm – £3

‘I asked my friends to come for a weekend in the countryside and to bring a camera because I would like to shoot a film. In the meantime I was thinking about a topic. Walking around my flat, my attic and garage, I tried to find some props and costumes – to be used allegorically, symbolically. What I found was used to create a story. At that time, I was digging a small, round swimming pool in the garden. I said to myself, this would be a good setting for the film – that hole. So it was clear that the whole thing would take place in a dug out hole. Then I gathered all the items that I had found to play the extras – chairs, hangers, suitcases and umbrellas.’

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Sunday 11 May – Screen Shadows present The Forgotten Space & ASMR

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.49.26

The Forgotten Space  (2010) & ASMR

Book tickets – Sunday 11 May – 2pm – £3

In recent years globalisation and the internet have been cited as forms of social relations with the ability to bind the entire human population of the globe together.

Week Two – Globalisation and Networked Communities

Sunday 11th May – 2pm – Free

The Forgotten Space (2010) 112 mins. dir. Sekula & Burch – With Intro from Andrew Witt

ASMR Videos Curated by Jala Wahid

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Saturday 10 May – The Day I Became a Woman


The Day I Became a Woman (Roozi ke zan shodam). Iran, 2000. Dir. Marzieh Meshkini.

A joint screening with Six Pillars

six pillars logo

Book Tickets – Saturday 10 May – 7pm – £3

A lush, cinematic masterpiece told in three parts by the mother of a renowned family of Iranian film-makers and writers: the Makhmalbafs (The Apple, Blackboards, Kandahar, The Gardener). This is the story of three stages in a woman’s life in Iran.

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Sunday 4 May – Screen Shadows present A Sixth Part of The World


A Sixth Part of the World (1926) 

Book tickets – Sunday 4 May – 2pm – £3

Even as the size and pace of the modern city challenged a definition of ‘community’ based on a sharing of space, filmmakers from across the political spectrum attempted ever more ambitious reconfigurations of community across state, nation and empire.

Week Two – Nation, Empire and The United-Ness of the United States

Sunday 4th May – 2pm – Free

A Sixth Part of the World (1926) 73 mins. dir. Vertov – With Intro from Alex Graham

Beer at Its Best (1955) 15 mins. dir. Star Lager

Mars Attacks! (1996) (extract) . dir. Tim Burton

Native Land (1942) (extract) . dir. Paul Strand 

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Saturday 3 May – Talk: Trevor Mathison – On Sound


Trevor Mathison, Film Maker, Sound Designer, Composer, Digital Artist
Born 1959, UK

Book Tickets – Saturday 3 May – 2pm – £3

Trevor Mathison is an artist primarily working with audio and digital media. He has been a member of noted artistic collectives such as Flow Motion, and the Black Audio Film Collective, and more recently continues to collaborate with artist and film maker John Akomfrah, creating  “post-soul noise”. John Akomfrah explains in a recent interview for Sound & Music  “These are sounds that take their cue from pre-existing black musics, be it dub or funk, but they’ve been defamiliarised, put through a sonic box that renders them strange and unusual”.

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Saturday 3 May – Food for thought

A conversation around food and community action, using film shorts.

Book Tickets – Saturday 3 May – 7pm – £3

HOurBank credits and donations to Southwark Foodbank also accepted on the door.

Please bring your HOurBank ID if you wish to pay in Time Credits. Details of Suitable Foodnank donations can be found here –


A collection of shorts from – HOurBank, Steve Barbe, Largactyle Shuffle, Foodbank, Incredible Edible, Tom Glen at Cossall Estate, Big Lunch, Rushey Green timebank, The story of Food, TEDx and Brixton People’s Kitchen and more. Many of the film makers and projects will be there to chat in person.

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Friday 2 May – The Time Is Now Ready For Delivery (Orgasmos)


Lauren Godfrey: Splodge and Drag Salad (still)

Book Tickets  – Friday 2 May – &pm – £3

An Evening of artists’ video on the big screen featuring work from Fanny Aboulker, Alex Brenchley, Connie Butler, Jesse Darling and Hannah Black, Lauren Godfrey, Hana Janeckova, Justine Melford-Colegate, George Rae, Anna Reading, Robert Rivers and Sean Boylan, Jasmine Robinson, Eugenie Scrase, Sophia Starling, Annie Strachan, Mary Vetisse, Holly White.

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