Sunday 25 May – Screen Shadows Present: Filming Communally/Filming Community: Jean Rouch and William Raban



Image courtesy William Raban

Screening and open discussion of Jean Rouch’s ‘Moi Un Noir’ and films by William Raban with artist Q & A.

 Book Tickets – Sunday 25 May – 2pm – £3

Part One – 2pm

William Raban presents his films:-

·      Sundial (1992) (1 min)

·      A13 (1994) (13 min)

·      Island Race (1996) (28 min)

·      Time and the Wave (2013) (15 min)

Over the last forty years William Raban has been a key innovator in structural film, expanded cinema and poetic landscape documentary. As manager of the London Filmmakers’ Co-op in the 1970s and as a tutor at Central St. Martins and LCC, he has also been an enormous influence on generations of artists and filmmakers.

Since the early 90s he has built up a loose film-cycle of works depicting Tower Hamlets and its environs. Read together, they are a vital record of one of the most changed areas of our city. William will introduce his films and answer questions.

(Followed by  a short break)

Part Two – 4pm

Moi, Un Noir (1958) (73 mins) – Jean Rouch

For this portrait of young Nigerois immigrants in Abidjan, Rouch worked with his subjects to film their lives, capturing footage together and then recording their stories in a Paris studio. They take on personas inspired by movie stars and detail their lives looking for work in their new home. Communal filming methods, a mixing of dream and reality, and a separation between sound and image give the film a vibrant and surreal quality. A masterpiece and a huge influence on the documentary filmmakers, anthropologists and the French New Wave alike.

This event runs as part of the Screen Shadows programme for Cinema6: The Watching community.

Advanced tickets will be available through the website. A limited number will be available on the door.