Three Experiments in Translation

Space Travel, Dissent & Youth

A commissioned programme from Anna Galkina, Hana Janeckova and Julia Tcharfas

This mini-season, commissioned by Cinema6, aims to address different modes of translation practices in cinema, with particular emphasis placed upon how experiments with translation interweave with fantasies, ambitions and dreams, re-enacted in the world of film.

This commission looks at translation as a vehicle for moving between geographical, cultural and metaphorical spheres. Three Experiments in Translation will consider translation as not only a socially and politically directed activity based in language, but as a way of negotiating subjective and collective identity in cinema and in society.

The first of this season will be An Evening with Čaroděj OZ: Wizardly Films for the People organised by Hana Janeckova on Friday 16 May.

Anna Galkina will present  One Hundred Days after Childhood on Thursday 22 May. Followed by Julia Tcharfas’s presentation of Man on a Mission Friday 23 May.