Wednesday 21 May – Exiled Communities: Mark Boulos’s ‘No Permanent Address’


Image courtesy Mark Boulos

A special three screen installation at Cinema6 of Mark Boulos’s ‘No Permanent Address’.

Book Tickets – Wednesday 21 May – 7pm -£3

From alternative communes of the 60s to Kibbutzim, there have been attempts throughout the century to resist the dissolution of community wrought by modernity. This week’s session will look at one such example of communities existing outside of modern society.

No Permanent Address (2013) (27 mins) – Mark Boulos

A portrait of the NPA (New People’s Army) a group of communist insurgents, designated a terrorist organisation by the US and EU, living in the Philippine jungle. Through interviews and footage of the group carrying out day-to-day activities from cooking to discussing political theory or carrying out manoeuvres, a portrait emerges of individuals making enormous sacrifices for their beliefs.

We are very excited to be presenting this work as a three–channel HD installation.

This event runs as part of the Screen Shadows programme for Cinema6: The Watching community.

Advanced tickets will be available through the website. A limited number will be available on the door.